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Hello, my name is Craig French, I am running for the position of Senator in the 38th District. In the recent months I have been asked a few questions on where I stand on certain issues. Below are my answers to some of the questions I have had.


Reforms are needed, not because of a court decision, because it is the right thing to do. I do not believe in the last 10 years in our legislature has shown much effort to see to it education is fully funded.

We need to streamline funds to each classroom, child, from administrations costs, to ending mandates that take away learning time, with little to no improvements on a child's learning. Make sure our tax dollars are actually reaching the classrooms.

2012 Washington state became the 42nd state to allow public charter schools. They are operated by nonprofit organizations, charter schools will be managed independently. Charter schools will be funded just as any other public school. This offers a choice for parents as these schools develop here in Washington State. 8 charter schools per year for 5 years, totaling 40 charter schools. In these areas around charter Schools opening I would expect a drop in class sizes in public schools. I would not support reducing classroom sizes to 20 students until after the first few years of charter schools.

The quality of our children's education is important for the growth of our economy in the years to come.


Our natural resources, water, forest land, coastline must be protected, and maintain a reasonable balance between economic growth and environmental protection.

All railroad cars and lines being used for material that could damage land, lakes, and rivers, should be inspected more frequently, and be replaced in areas of concern. Railway cars transporting such material should be maintained and inspected more frequently.

We need to take back control of Washington state land controlled by federal government. I truly believe we the people of Washington state know what is best for our lands.

Gun laws

As I am a firearms owner myself, and a Washington state concealed pistol license holder, I believe it is my right to own and carry a firearm, to use for protection of my family, hunting, and from tyrannical government.


We need to start limiting and removing Washington state regulations that do not improve health outcomes.

I support the right of employer, employees, and medical providers to define their benefits packages without government intrusion.

I believe the rights of physicians, pharmacists, health care workers to refuse to perform or participate in medical procedures, prescribe drugs, or supply drugs based on their moral, philosophical or religious beliefs.

Obama care we have seen layoffs, changing full time employees to part time. Some people may have noticed some businesses positioning themselves over the past few years to survive Obama care.

I do oppose Obama care.


I believe we should enforce current immigration law. I do not support amnesty. I believe Washington state has the right to enforce immigration laws without federal government interference.

Marijuana, Cannabis Laws

I voted no on I-502, the people have spoken and voted for I-502. During that initiative process I heard over and over this is legalization. The public voted believing this was legalization, it is not. It is called decriminalization.

I also do not believe medical cannabis should of been combined and controlled by Washington State LCB. Medical and recreational cannabis should remain apart, LCB for recreational, and Dept of Health for medical cannabis. Regulations can be written for the medical side, and should of been years ago..

SB6505 Classifies cannabis cultivation separately from other agricultural products. The argument is that tax breaks intended use is to help farmers stay competitive with farmers from other states, on the other side farmers face unfair competition from the black market from other states.

Black market is in every state, sb6505 will only raise prices in Washington for consumers, and provide an environment for the black market thrive. This was passed this year. Over taxation combined with sb6505 allows the black market to be cheaper, and will be here to stay.

We should also have a cannabis bill that also effectively nullifies the federal ban on cannabis and end the war on cannabis in our state. This cannabis drug war has destroyed enough lives.

Marriage View

While I morally do believe a marriage is between a man and a women, we should work to seek equality for all since the voters have spoken.

Welfare, Food Stamps, Medical Coverage

These programs have helped many people get back to work, and still are. But you should be a US Citizen, living in Washington state to be provided any of these programs.


Patriot Act or NDAA, and NSA all collecting data from us, is not right. I would seek to nullify Patriot Act and NDAA in Washington State.


We are in need of real tax reform, we should undergo a complete overhaul in our budget, close loopholes, end wasteful spending and reduce costs in every area of the budget. Tax expenditures should all be revisited, and include end dates on each expenditure. I support requiring a 2/3rd's majority of the Washington state legislature to vote on any tax increases, again the voters have spoken.

I do not support a state income tax. I do not support raising or adding new taxes, or a carbon tax.


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